Worcester Polytechnic Institute

One of the most difficult things a school can face is the task of replacing long, bland and faded brick hallways throughout their facilities. Whether that be the brick in their locker room or school hallways the reality is that it can be an eyesore for visitors to your school. At least that was the case for Worcester Polytechnic Institute University.

Facing a long hallway with bland and boring walls, WPI was faced with a variety of options. Luckily we were there with our team of Brand Amplification Experts to recommend the best product for them, the Wonderwall Graphics System. By using this product we were able to create beautiful graphics that promote WPI school pride and give athletes/coaches something to be proud of.

“With our new varsity locker room project, we had these great, new updated locker rooms but an old drab, cinderblock hallway that did not reflect well on our athletic program or excite our student-athletes. We decided to transform this locker room hallway as a showcase for our athletic program, providing a visual brand identity for the qualities and values we believe and promote to our student-athletes on a daily basis. Big Signs was a great partner on this project from development to design to installation. This Wonderwall product provides us the great visuals we wanted for this space while being a durable product in a hallway that will take its fair share of abuse. Our student-athletes love the space and we are thrilled with the transformation.” Dana L. Harmon WPI Director of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics

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