Dura-Mesh Reusable Ice Logos

Our premium arena Ice Logos are preferred by many hockey programs because they are reusable, save money and look dynamic. Dura-Mesh Ice Logos are made of super durable vinyl mesh so water can pass through and freeze, thus eliminating the thermal barrier. The weave is tight enough, however, so that images that are applied are vibrant and detailed. This product can be finish cut to edge or hand die cut to give a super clean finished look. 

Easy Installation: This product is easily frozen into the ice, saving hours of labor when compared to stencils or paint. Just trim, if desired, then unroll face down onto the ice surface. Let the logo adjust to the ice temperature for about 10 - 15 minutes, then turn over and put into place. Bond with layers of water using hand held sprayer. Once logos are bonded to the ice surface, the rink can be flooded. Dura-Mesh Ice Logos can be installed when the rink lines are painted or can be added after the ice is in place. As Dura-Mesh Ice Logos are removable and reusable, they are perfect for events such as ice shows.

Pops Like Paint Dura-Mesh Ice Logos are printed using Ultra-Brite Inks making your logos pop like hand painted ice logos without the extensive labor and associated costs.

Unlimited Images and Colors Put logos in the ice that you could never hand paint. No extra charge for matching PMS colors. You can use photos, detailed fades or other effects and as many colors as you want. Our large format digital printers can reproduce photographic images in excellent image detail.

Free Layout and Design We offer free professional design services and online proofing. Just provide us with a photo of your ice and we'll put together a layout showing you the size and placement of the logo for approval before production. Installation services are also available.

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