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Turf Frame

Turf Frame

Turf Frame, is a low-cost, yet highly effective way of displaying your sideline signage. Your sponsors will love the visibility that Turf Frame will bring to their signs.

Turf Frame is a metal H-style wire frame constructed of 3/8” powder coated rod. Turf Frame is 24”w x 34”h, once fully installed 8” into the ground. You can achieve any size signage you need by placing the appropriate number of Turf Frames side by side. Graphics are applied to our Dura-Last Vinyl bag-style banners and are the perfect way of finishing off your Turf Frame. The super tough, 13 oz. Dura-Last vinyl will be digitally printed, with your chosen design, on both sides and is the perfect avenue for message delivery and building sponsorship revenue

Installation of Turf Frame is simple. While holding the top crossbar with your hands, put your foot on the lower crossbar and drive the frame securely into the turf. After the frames are in place, simply slide the bag style banner over the frame.

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