TurfAd™ is an exciting new product that can help brand your team and/or generate sponsor revenue. Stop trying to remove those old decals or worse, replacing the turf. With TurfAd you can easily cover those old decals and do it for about 1/3 the cost of traditional turf squares. 

TurfAd is made from super tough vinyl and special high tack adhesive designed specifically to adhere to artificial turf surfaces. The special adhesive grips tight to the turf with no corner roll, creating a smooth transition from turf to decal. The non-skid surface gives perfect traction for quick cuts, stops and starts. It performs equally as well when moisture or perspiration gets on the surface. In fact, surface was tested by an independent lab for slip resistance and found to have nearly double the standard threshold for safety established by OSHA, UL, ADA and NFPA whether dry or wet. 

Our high resolution digital printing allows you to reproduce any image — even 4-color photographic images. 

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