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Mojo Mat is a new floor graphics system that gives you the ability to express your creativity in unlimited ways.

Create a waterfront beach patio setting for a party deck, transform your produce aisle into a "walk through the garden" experience for your customers, or simply put your brand on the Mojo Mat for the entryway to your office. This new re-positional floor graphics system creates an effective branding opportunity for point-of purchase displays, retail advertising, office branding and more.

Mojo Mat is made of 75mm clear flooring material with anti-skid backer. Graphics are back printed, protecting them from foot traffic, floor cleaning and other wear. Mojo Mat can be used over virtually any surface, including grass, dirt and concrete. It is re-usable, allowing you to toll it up when finished. Get Started by filling out your free mockup form NOW!

Product Highlights

- Unlimited creative possibilities
- Re-positional, easily moves anywhere
- Indoor or outdoor application
- Back printed graphics are protected by 75mm poly
- Comes with 3/8" anti skid backer 

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