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Logo Screen Event Branding Screen

Logo Screen Event Branding Screen

Logo Screen Event Branding Screen

Logo Screen Event Branding Screen

Brand Your Event, Generate Sponsor Revenue!

Branding your event is a great way to engage our sponsors.  Logo Screen is fast and easy to use so your event is a success and generates more revenue from your sponsors!  Our Logo Screen Brandin gScreens are super easy to use and reuse, while giving your brand maximum impact.  Made standard in 46", 59" and 71" height, your full color logos will be placed every 15' on the screen maximizing  your branding coverage.  All Logo Screens have DuraSeam reinforced hems and grommets placed approximagely every 2' on 150' rolls forease of installation & storage.  Come in multiple colored backgrounds: Red, Black, White, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Maroon, Carolina Blue, Brown, Tan, Purple, Kelly Green, Gray and Yellow.

Product Highlights:

-  Award winning creative department to create your granding graphics

-  Raise Event Awareness

-  Enhance the look of plain, chain link fences with full color branding

-  Generage Sponsor Revenue

-  Multiple colors and your events logos every 15'

-  Reinforced hems and grommets placed approximately every 2' make for easy installation and increased durability

Our award winning creative department is highly skilled at taking your vision and using their talkent and expertise to take your brand to a whole new level.  Let us help turn your vision into reality.  Fill out the form now fro a free design mock-up to help you visualize the possibilities.

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