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Street Skin is a product that is creating new revenue streams and branding opportunities for sports organizations, event planners, race directors, retailers and consumer product companies. Turn any pit area, finish line, parking lot, roadway, sidewalk or concession area into a revenue generating billboard with Street Skin concrete decals.

Street Skin concrete decals are ideal an ideal solution for short-term advertising and branding campaigns. It has been tested to last six months under foot traffic, and up to three months under vehicle traffic. The unique non-pvc construction has been engineered to conform to rough outdoor surfaces, and to allow moisture to channel through the material minimizing slipping hazards. Printed with our Ultra-Brite UV inks, Street Skin will definitely get your message attention.

The applications for Street Skin are almost limitless; from motor sports, running & cycling, festivals, concerts, parades, tradeshows, extreme sports, skateboard parks, sidewalks, concession areas, grocery aisles, parking lots, factories, golf cart paths and stadium stair-risers.  There is always a surface perfect for Street Skin.

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