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GatorAd® is a product that is creating new revenue streams and branding opportunities for sports organizations, event planners, race directors, retailers and consumer product companies. Turn any pit area, finish line, parking lot, roadway, sidewalk or concession area into a revenue-generating billboard with GatorAd® Concrete and Asphalt Decals. 

GatorAd® Concrete & Asphalt Decals have many applications including sponsor advertising, branding opportunities, promotional purposes, directional guidance, conveying safety messages and point of purchase signage. Uses include motorsports, running & cycling races, festivals, concerts, parades, tradeshows, extreme sports events, skateboard parks, sidewalks, concession areas, grocery aisles, parking lots, in factories, on golf cart paths, pool bottoms, stadium stair-risers and more.

Messages on the ground or floor often get more attention and provide more reinforcement than wall signs. On the ground, people see them over and over, while on the wall, they are out of the line of sight, can get lost in the background or ignored over time. As such, GatorAd® is also well suited for use in industrial, manufacturing or warehousing operations. Used to reinforce safety messages, cautions and rules, to delineate operating or storage areas or as guidance to safety equipment such as fire extinguishers or exits, GatorAd® conveys these messages with high-visibility and high-impact.

GatorAd® decals are made of heavy duty, non-skid embossed vinyl with a specially formulated adhesive that will stick to virtually any asphalt or concrete surface. It's uniquely textured surface requires no lamination, which allows for better visibility of graphics. And dry or wet, it remains extremely non-skid. In independent lab testing for slip resistance, GatorAd® asphalt decals tested at nearly double the standard threshold for safety established by OSHA, UL, ADA, and NFPA.

GatorAd® decals are economical and generally cost about 50% less than traditional asphalt decals. It is also extremely easy to install. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry, pull back the paper release liner and lay it down. When removed, it leaves little or no adhesive residue behind. has the experience, capabilities and customer service to meet your signage needs. Let us help turn your vision into reality. With our full design department, we provide you with free design and layout options and post your mock-up onto our online proofing site.

Check out the Tour of Missouri GatorAd finish line decal in use on Flickr

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